It is the first time in the world.! 
0.8mm pitch pressure.

For the circuit board vs electric wire connection.


  AWG32 One side, Solder corting. 
one side, Due at the pressure. 
Length 30mm 

SUR CONNECTOR  For W to B Connection
The world's first 0.8 mm pitch IDC Wire to Board
miniaturised connector with mounting height
of 1.75 mm and depth of 3.9 mm

Designed to have wide absorption area
for automatic mounting

Header has no locking hole on the outer surface
as the locking device is designed to be located
inside of the wafer thanks to the special molding
technique. Thus, absorption area for automatic
mounting can be side enough.

Twin U-slot ID part

The twin U-slot, which consists of a contact and ID
connection part,provides highly rellable connection
with the wire.


Current rating :0.5A (AC/DC,AWG32)
Voltage rating :
           30V AC,DC
Temperature range :
          -25 to +85 Degrees C
         (including temperature rise in applying electrical current)
Applicable wires :
         AWG #32,/7 stranded tin-plated wire
No.of circuits :
         2,8,12,14&16 circuits 
Direction of entry:
         Side entry

As for the estimate, question, from this.